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Indigenous Empowerment Society

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Indigenous people in Canada are suffering from the aftermath of government imposed cultural genocide, residential school system, poverty, lack of access to heath care, mental heath services, employment and higher education opportunities. This inequity has plagued Indigenous individuals, families and communities for generations. In order to have a growing impact on improving these chronic issues, the Copper Legacy Society mandate is towards the empowerment of Indigenous people with projects and programs focused around the following four segments:

Revitalization Projects

Focus on Indigenous language revitalization and projects that reestablish and strengthen cultural practices

Enhancement Projects

will provide artist mentorship programs for artists at different levels to learn from master artists; and master artists can expand their practices through learning new mediums

Empowerment Projects

will focus on mind-body-spirit healing, through community workshops and support groups. Providing opportunities for traditional means of healing, also developing holistic health and wellness initiatives that include emotional health as well as physical health.

In addition, developing a restorative justice program to address the trauma of sexual abuse that is so prevalent in our communities

Legacy Programs

will focus on restoring traditional Indigenous food gathering and harvesting practices, implement new means of food security and projects related to environmental stewardship and protection


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3240 Comox Rd Courtenay, BC V9N3P8

Located on the Territory of K'omoks First Nation

Tel: 778-350-6789

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