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Sustainability Projects

will focus on restoring traditional Indigenous food harvesting practices, food sovereignty  and environmental stewardship projects


With the influence of the Western way of living, many traditional sustenance practices have either ceased all together or have been maintained in limited capacity. Legacy Programs will focus on restoring traditional Indigenous food gathering and harvesting practices. Programs will implement new means of food security by establishing community cooperatives for food production using new technology as well as innovative practices of permaculture, aquaculture and hydroponics. Environmental Stewardship is a concern to Indigenous communities who have seen industry destroy natural habitats and resource extraction leaving devastation. The impacts of  destructive industries such as fish farms, oil and gas industry and logging are impacting the lifeline of these communities. In order to support the protection, restoration and rehabilitation of native lands the Copper Legacy society will support Stewardship programs, particularly as they impact food sources such as salmon, seafood, shellfish, deer, and elk habitats.

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